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How to Sell Your Business

Decades ago, what we now regard as owner-managed businesses would be passed down from one generation of ownership to another within the same family. The businesses existed to provide income for their owners rather than capital. That model has developed significantly over the years such that true family businesses, with second and third generation owners and directors are very much in the minority.

Many more businesses are developed with the aspiration of generating a significant capital gain for the shareholders. Whether your business is owned within the family or by unconnected shareholders, there are a raft of personal and commercial issues that affect the route to an exit.

At Meta, we are well-acquainted with these issues, having sold many companies across a wide spectrum of sectors. Whether you have already been approached, or are contemplating a sale in several years’ time, good advice is critical. Naturally, we think that experienced corporate finance advice should be at the core of your strategy.

We would be delighted to meet with you and discuss your situation but you may wish to look at the Meta guide on How to Sell Your Business before talking to us.

Download the How to Sell Your Business PDF
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